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can a wound vac be used in an iffecteed incision on the scalp?
Debridement - 1 answer
My wife had a craniotomy and the fluid around the incision site never went away. after a few months the fluid became infected and started to drain. Subsequent trips to the hospital didn't cure her.and she is ... Read more
Is there a cure for pyoderma gangrenosum?
Gangrene - 1 answer
I've had an opened wound on my leg. The dermatologist says now that I have pyoderma gangrenosum. What can I do? Read more
My mother has varicose issue and she's 60 old. She started getting wounds. When one heals another one appears. Is there a way to prevent new wounds?
My mother has varicose issue and she's sixty years old.The thing is recently she started getting wounds and when one wound heals after so long time another one appears. Is there a way to prevent new wounds? Read more
Can local anesthia be given for dressing of painfull wounds?
Achilles Tendon - 1 answer
Dressing of wounds is very painfull. Can local anesthisia be given for pain relief Read more
Why diabetic patient injury not healing soon? and causing chill?
Achilles Tendon - 1 answer
Why would a diabetic's patient injury not be healing quickly and causing chills? Read more
I have an infection in a woend that's not getting better.
Infected Wounds - 1 answer
I have been to the emergency, been on antibiotics for over a week now and it seems worse. The doctor that did this surgery in Fort Lauderdale said it was for cancer. Its hurting me and its discolored purple and... Read more
I had a surgical debridement on a space a little larger than the palm of my hand, done on my left hip 2 weeks ago. What is the next step in healing?
Debridement - 1 answer
I was told I had cellulitis that had gotten extremely infected, or that it was a pressure ulcer. I was sent to a surgeon for debridement. My surgeon scheduled me for surgical debridement the next day. It has be... Read more
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Could a burn be classed as a chronic wound?
Burns - 1 answer
Could a burn be classed as a chronic wound? Read more
Should my mother see a wound specialist or a doctor familiar with radiation, or both?
My mother had radiation to get rid of a keloid on her chest after multiple heart surgeries. My understanding is too much radiation was used and she developed several holes down the mid line of her chest. The do... Read more
In addition to bed rest, is there something else that can be done for a stage 3 pressure sore?
Pressure Ulcers - 2 answers
Have been battling this since July. The sore itself has gotten smaller however, the tunnel that developed is deeper. He has been getting bed rest but how much is required and is there something else that coul... Read more
My wound has been healing really slowly and has a green outer layer. The inside is very red. It's been over a week and seems to get worse.
Infected Wounds - 1 answer
I have it under a bandaid because it is above my ankle and it hurts if it touches a surface. It has become painful to even touch the area around it. What should I do? Read more
For a very deep and wide laceration and puncture wound to the top of the big toe that is on the joint can you staple or suture it closed?
General - 1 answer
It's been bleeding since about 11:00 last night central time. I have put pressure on it, elevated it and cleaned it. It keeps bleeding like no tomorrow. It actually looks as though either the meat or fat was co... Read more
When is a wound no longer considered an “open wound?”
General - 1 answer
I do aquatic physical therapy and cannot go in the pool with an open wound. My left forearm has several avulsions and small lacerations from a bad dog claw scratch (possible shallow tooth “bites” - bad scra... Read more
What are the treatment options for wounds created by radiation?
Wound Care - 1 answer
My Mom has a long time wound on her leg from radiation treatments for cancer. The wound was being treated with an experimental plasma laser, and it was healing. The laser treatment was done by a doctor in Russ... Read more
What is the best way to prevent my daughter (14 years old) getting a scar on her face? She scratched her face the evening two days ago.
Wound Care - 1 answer
I told her to put vaseline on her scratches. She is doing that. She has developed a scab. Read more
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