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Achilles Tendon Questions

What are the possible reasons for the incision site to not heal? It's been 8 months.
Achilles Tendon -1 answer
I ruptured my achilles and had the repair surgery. 13 days later my wound opened up. Initially the cultures grew 3 types of bacteria. I had a three-week antibiotic regimen. After two surgeries for debridement a... Read more
Can local anesthia be given for dressing of painfull wounds?
Achilles Tendon -1 answer
Dressing of wounds is very painfull. Can local anesthisia be given for pain relief Read more
Why diabetic patient injury not healing soon? and causing chill?
Achilles Tendon -1 answer
Why would a diabetic's patient injury not be healing quickly and causing chills? Read more

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