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Wound Care Questions

I had a biopsy of the skin on my chest. There is redness around where the skin was taken out. What should I do?
Wound Care -1 answer
I was told to use soap an water for cleansing and apply petroleum jelly. It's been 9 days and there is redness around where the skin was taken out. Also that part is still yellowish in color. I believe it is in... Read more
What kind of specialist should I have look at a post-glued wound?
Wound Care -1 answer
I know someone who suffered a 2-inch cut and then glued it. I think he banged he banged his head on either a wooden door or hard floor. However, some people believe the cut was caused by glass. What kind of spe... Read more
I have continuous drainage from "J" tube causing skin erosion and pain. What are treatment options?
Wound Care -1 answer
I'm currently using jok rot powder directly to the skin. I mix calamine cream with the powder and use gauze. The skin area can't heal with the acid leakage. I need a workable treatment. What are my options? Read more
What wound dressing can I use for a stage 3 with copious exudate while wearing tubi-grip compression?
Wound Care -1 answer
Since compression, edema was ankle to foot, now since the tubi-grip compression the edema is just under the knee. This is the right foot, wound extends from lateral ankle to heel. Read more
What is the best way to prevent my daughter (14 years old) getting a scar on her face? She scratched her face the evening two days ago.
Wound Care -1 answer
I told her to put vaseline on her scratches. She is doing that. She has developed a scab. Read more
What are the treatment options for wounds created by radiation?
Wound Care -1 answer
My Mom has a long time wound on her leg from radiation treatments for cancer. The wound was being treated with an experimental plasma laser, and it was healing. The laser treatment was done by a doctor in Russ... Read more
Total contact casting or stay off of foot?
Wound Care -1 answer
What is better for a diabetic, total contact casting or staying off the injured foot? Read more
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I had surgeries to treat a wound that resulted from grafts to treat necrotizing fasciitis. My wound keeps tunneling over.
Wound Care -1 answer
I have a good plastic/wound surgeon but even after 40 Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments he tells me that I will have to have another surgery after so many since my admission to the first hospital on October 14, 2014... Read more
Time of healing of laceration wound on front lower leg. What is the best course of treatment after antibiotics and 3 weeks?
Wound Care -1 answer
Irregular shaped, about 3/4 inch, laceration on front of lower left leg, caused by jamming into corner of open dishwasher door, took course of antibiotics about one week after the incident, course of antibiotic... Read more
Laceration treatment?
Wound Care -1 answer
A day ago I had an accident and was injured slightly. There was a tear through my sock and a wound underneath. According to medical terms it is a Laceration. I cleaned the area with antiseptic and washed it. Th... Read more
how long should it take for a wound to heal?
Wound Care -1 answer
On average, how long should it take for a wound to heal? Read more
Do I need to remove the green discharge from my wound?
Wound Care -1 answer
I have an open wound on my knee, and one on my ankle from falling off my motorbike (not too fast). The wound was not dressed for the first two days and became swollen and green. I went to the hospital, where it... Read more

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