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Infected Wounds Questions

I am out of the PVP scrub that I'm supposed to use to clean my wound, what can I use? I was told no water on it.
Infected Wounds -1 answer
I just got out of the hospital for having MRSA about 4 days ago. I'm currently on antibiotics. They popped a blister like infection on my thumb that needs to continue to be cleaned but I have no more scrub to c... Read more
My wound has been healing really slowly and has a green outer layer. The inside is very red. It's been over a week and seems to get worse.
Infected Wounds -1 answer
I have it under a bandaid because it is above my ankle and it hurts if it touches a surface. It has become painful to even touch the area around it. What should I do? Read more
I have an infected sore on my leg. The scab that formed fell off. It is deep, watery, red and green and raw underneath. Do I need to see a doctor?
Infected Wounds -1 answer
I was injured in a car accident. My doctor set me up to go to a local wound care center in 5 weeks. The wound looks bad - can it wait that long? Read more
I have an infection in a woend that's not getting better.
Infected Wounds -1 answer
I have been to the emergency, been on antibiotics for over a week now and it seems worse. The doctor that did this surgery in Fort Lauderdale said it was for cancer. Its hurting me and its discolored purple and... Read more

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