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Vacuum Assisted Closure Questions

How long can a wound vac patient go without the vac before complications set in?
Vacuum Assisted Closure -1 answer
The health care facility removed my 86-year-old mother's wound vac because of lack of supplies 2 days ago. She has a wet/dry dressing. Should we be concerned? Read more
My wound vac drainage varies greatly from 75 cc to none. I feel this variation has to do with how it is applied. Is this fluctuation normal?
Vacuum Assisted Closure -1 answer
This is a complex foot wound. I have diabetes #2 under control. I am always assured everything is fine, but at times I am also told the wound has been too wet. Any suggestion how I can assure the best treatment... Read more
what is algiate dressng
Vacuum Assisted Closure -1 answer

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