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Chronic Wounds Questions

I have a wound on the front of the left leg, right above my foot. The skin around the wound, or the wound itself, hurts badly. What can I use on it?
Chronic Wounds -1 answer
The pain stings. I have shooting pains. I need something that won't ruin the skin around the sore and make it bigger. That has happened. I've had it 3 years. Please help if possible. Read more
What's the best wound filler for a chronic sacrum wound?
Chronic Wounds -1 answer
The patient is an older female with chronic wounds—one in the sacrum area and another in the right buttock. She has used stimulen powder and fibracol. Read more
My father is suffering form large scale cellutlitis. The wound hasn't recovered on the leg for 50 days. What do you recommend?
Chronic Wounds -1 answer
We can't amputate due to his poor medical condition. The instructions we are being given are from a cardiologist. What do you recommend? Read more
I have been diagnosed with pyoderma gangrenosum. My doctor prescribed prednisone. My leg ulcers are healing slowly. Is there anything else I should be
Chronic Wounds -1 answer
After 9 months of treating this condition, I still get some shooting pain and burning. Read more
I think I may have a poisonous spider bite on my finger. It is rock hard but slowly oozing sticky pus. What should I do?
Chronic Wounds -1 answer
I think I may have a poisonous spider bite on my finger. It is rock hard but slowly oozing sticky pus. It's very, very painful if touched, and I'm experiencing waves of burning, stinging pain that comes and goe... Read more
Been seeing a wound dr for 11months for the same wounds i have been revasculized and they still have not healed
Chronic Wounds -1 answer
Been seeing a wound doctor for 11 months for the same wounds and they still have not healed. Read more
A family member is paralyzed from waist down. Open bed sore has developed exposing air to the rods placed along his spine which were never removed.
Chronic Wounds -1 answer
He will not agree to remove the rods at present, 15 years later, due to age, poor condition, he will not survive the surgery. It is possible to close the open would without the surgery? Read more

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