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My wound has been healing really slowly and has a green outer layer. The inside is very red. It's been over a week and seems to get worse.
Infected Wounds - 1 answer
I have it under a bandaid because it is above my ankle and it hurts if it touches a surface. It has become painful to even touch the area around it. What should I do? Read more
My wound vac drainage varies greatly from 75 cc to none. I feel this variation has to do with how it is applied. Is this fluctuation normal?
This is a complex foot wound. I have diabetes #2 under control. I am always assured everything is fine, but at times I am also told the wound has been too wet. Any suggestion how I can assure the best treatment... Read more
Am I getting correct treatment for a severe wound on my shin bone? It's very deep, about 4 weeks old, and infected.
Infected Wounds - 1 answer
I have a wound on my leg that my primary care doctor treated me for about 3 1/2 weeks ago. I went to wound care. I want to make sure this is the right treatment— he debris it yesterday once and said to clean ... Read more
What wound dressing can I use for a stage 3 with copious exudate while wearing tubi-grip compression?
Wound Care - 1 answer
Since compression, edema was ankle to foot, now since the tubi-grip compression the edema is just under the knee. This is the right foot, wound extends from lateral ankle to heel. Read more
For a very deep and wide laceration and puncture wound to the top of the big toe that is on the joint can you staple or suture it closed?
General - 1 answer
It's been bleeding since about 11:00 last night central time. I have put pressure on it, elevated it and cleaned it. It keeps bleeding like no tomorrow. It actually looks as though either the meat or fat was co... Read more
I was bit on my arm by a yellow spider on Saturday at 1 pm. It's been itchy and red around the area since, and now it feels hard underneath it.
Any suggestions on what to do? Would you recommend getting it checked, or is it OK to wait a few days? Read more
When is a wound no longer considered an “open wound?”
General - 1 answer
I do aquatic physical therapy and cannot go in the pool with an open wound. My left forearm has several avulsions and small lacerations from a bad dog claw scratch (possible shallow tooth “bites” - bad scra... Read more
One year ago my left calf was crushed between two vehicles for 15 mins. Now I have a 11cm x .9cm hematoma. What should I do?
Crush Injuries - 1 answer
At the time of the injury the Hospital said that it was just bruised and released him. Now a year later he has a lot of swelling, shooting pain, numbness, and extreme pain to the touch. He had an MRI and an Ult... Read more
My husband was bitten by our cat while he was trying to bathe him. He was operated on. We are now in France and worried it's infected.
Infected Wounds - 1 answer
He is on antibiotics and we are cleaning and re-dressing twice daily. He was operated on the 4th of August. We are now in France. What should we do? Read more
Surgical incision from 3 hernia operations isn't healing. Should we go to a wound center?
Surgical Wounds - 1 answer
My husband has had three hernia surgeries through same incision. Each one was a year apart and now that incision is not healing. He is 80. I have been told a wound clinic would help, but if that is true, why do... Read more
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How do I treat a sore on the tailbone?
My mother is bedridden. She now has a sore at the top of her tail bone. I keep it clean with biotin and an antibacterial liquid soap, apply neosporin, and cover it with gauze/bandage. What else can I do? Should... Read more
What is the best way to prevent my daughter (14 years old) getting a scar on her face? She scratched her face the evening two days ago.
Wound Care - 1 answer
I told her to put vaseline on her scratches. She is doing that. She has developed a scab. Read more
What is the diagnosis of Osteomyelitis?
On the left foot is a wound that converted into osteomyelitis. The patient was also suffering no sensation of pain in left foot. The patient was operated on for diastemetomylia, and now the sensation power is b... Read more
My son 18 years old has got a wound infection
It is on left foot ankle after a biopsy procedure. The wound is not healing even after four weeks . Please advise. Read more
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